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Music royalties are payouts that go to artists, songwriters, composers, publishers, and any other copyright holders for the right to use their intellectual property. United States law gives copyright holders exclusive rights to their own work, and anyone else who wants to use that work must pay. There are two types where is allocated:


Master copyright  

  • – the recorded piece of work itself. It doesn’t matter whether it was printed physically to CD or vinyl, or released digitally for streaming.

  • Publishing copyright 

    – breaks the songs down into further pieces for royalty distribution to its creators. This copyright focuses on lyrics, melody, and composition.

  • Types of royalties:

  • Mechanical Royalties, 


    Print Royalties,


    Performance Royalties,


     Digital Downloads/Streams , 

    Neighboring Rights, 


    YouTube Recording,

Getting indie artists paid for their work can be a difficult task. There are various types of music royalties, and even multiple licensing companies that a indie artist must implement and register to  so that they granted the artist’s intellectual property. Many indie artist don’t have funding to hire an attorney to facilitate proper registration with these companies so that they can collect owed royalties. Building a solid foundation is imperative for all indie artist who want to see funds from their creative work.

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